White Tea

What is White Tea?
White tea is prepared from the immature leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. Unlike other tea, it is the least processed tea that helps it in retaining almost all the natural components in maximum concentration.

Constituents of White Tea
White tea is tea in its natural form, minimally processed and thus have highest levels of anti-oxidants, especially epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which has profound effect on the growth of hair. It strengthens the hair follicles by scavenging the free radicals that damage the hair cells and thus helps in hair elongation.

As it is especially rich in antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, and zinc, it helps in reducing acne scars in three ways:

  1. Fighting Off The Free Radicals
  2. Detoxification
  3. Removing Skin Blemish

Properties of White Tea
Extracts of White Tea have an antibacterial, anti-fungal and blood circulation favoring effect on the scalp. Therefore, its application on the scalp helps in fighting off the infection and protecting the hair follicles from any damage. White tea also has anti-viral properties, which work against common skin infections. Antioxidant property of White Tea helps safeguard against environmental damage and promotes the health and integrity of hair. It reduces hair fall up to 90%.

Advantages of White Tea

  • It is clinically proven that use of white tea products on skin prevents skin burn due to radiation exposure. It also protects your skin from ultraviolet rays.
  • According to research, white tea works as natural anti-aging agent and its application on skin slows enzymatic break-down of collagen and elastin and maintains skin elasticity.
  • White tea-based skin care products lightens skin tone and maintains fairness.
  • Topical use of white tea is helpful for controlling skin irritation caused by rosacea, scabies, or psoriasis.
  • It helps your skin glow and also helps in repairing the dead or damaged skin.
  • White tea helps in maintenance of good hair. It elongates, strengthens and provides elasticity to hair. It also protects scalp from common infections.

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